Frequently Asked Questions

… "May I come out just for the day?"  Absolutely. While we do have excellent overnight accommodations, day visitors are always welcome. Daily membership fees are available on the membership page.

... "Do I need to be a member of Cypress Cove to visit?"  No, but we are a membership club. Non-Members must fill out a registration card and provide identification upon their first visit. The registration card will also serve as an application for membership should you ever decide to join the club. Members of approved nudist organizations, such as TNS, AANR, BN, INF, FCN, FYN and others, are always welcome.

... "Are singles welcome?"  For the most part, yes. However, we do require first-time, single males to have nudist membership or prior nudist experience. Qualifying experience would include visits to other like-minded nudist clubs. Nude beach experience alone would not qualify. Members of approved nudist organizations, such as TNS, AANR, BN, INF, FCN, FYN and others, are always welcome. Newly single visitors returning to Cypress Cove are also welcome.

... "I don't qualify, what now?"  There are a number of ways to visit Cypress Cove even if you do not have prior nudist experience:

  • You may contact an approved nudist organization like TNS, AANR, FCN, BN, INF, FYN to become a member, or find out if there are any local clubs in your area that accept singles. This would provide you the nudist experience to then visit Cypress Cove.
  • Since couples are always welcome, you could attend with a female friend or partner for your first visit. 
  • If you are aquainted with any members of Cypress Cove, you could ask them to sponsor you. 
  • You could get involved with one of the online nudist communities. Experienced nudists would be able to answer questions and provide advice. You might even find someone who would sponsor you or a group event to attend.
  • We have several events each year when the single qualification is waived. There are staff and volunteers at these events who can provide you a tour of the resort and help acclimate you to the nudist lifestyle. Such events include our Open House in July and the Nude-A-Palooza charity music festival in October.

... "On my first visit, must I be completely nude right away?"  No. You will be given a tour of the resort. If you decide to stay, we understand that you may take a little while to become comfortable. Nudity is always welcome and encouraged, especially in the pool area. Because people all around you are nude, relaxed, and enjoying their day, being nude is often more comfortable.

... "What to pack?"  A light travel bag containing a towel for each person (polite nudist etiquette means that you always carry your own towel to sit or lounge on), sun block, any athletic equipment and shoes you'll need, toiletries, and a cover-up for chilly days/nights or when you've had too much sun.

... "Are pets allowed?"  Pets are only allowed in specified Pet Rooms. A $10 per night pet fee will apply. Pet rooms must be reserved prior to arrival. If one is not available, then you must leave your pets at home or at a nearby kennel. See pet room rules. Pets must be leashed and should be taken directly to and from dog walks. Always clean up after your pet. Pets are never permitted in the pool area or public buildings.

... "Can we bring our children?"  Of course! Cypress Cove is a family owned and operated business. It is a family friendly resort, complete with a large playground, game room and white sand beach.

... "My body is less than perfect. Will I feel out of place?"  No, not at all.  You will quickly discover that people really do come in all shapes and sizes and that very few of us are perfect. In fact, it's often people with body acceptance issues who get the most of out of our lifestyle. After a lifetime of discomfort, it can be life changing to discover a place where nobody ever judges you by your appearance.