Events Calendar

Every weekend is a different event at Cypress Cove!

This is a list of currently scheduled Events & Activities for the year.  All activities subject to change.

(2018 Printable Calendar)


6 - 8

Back to the 70's Weekend

We'll be taking you on a little time warp back to the 70's. Or for some of you, introducing you to the 70's! Bell bottoms, mini-skirts, peasant skirts, hip hugger jeans, Earth Shoes, halter tops, tube tops, stone-washed denim ... what else do you remember from the 70's? Disco, rock & roll, hard rock, blues-rock, the rise of pop rock and funk and country. 

This weekend features the Back to the 70's Dance with the live music and great entertainment of Rick Melvern Trio. It's sure to be a great night of music and dance! Wear your favorite 70's styles or come naked - we're gonna party like it's way before 1999! 


Open House Weekend

Open House is our opportunity to show off a little. We offer FREE ADMISSION to all guests entering from 12 PM - 4 PM on Saturday, July 14th. Come enjoy the day and evening at Cypress Cove! There are no qualifications to enter and all are welcome. We just want you to see it for yourself and tell your friends what a lovely resort it is.

Guests are invited to the Open House event area, located on the Lakeside Restaurant Deck. There they will find food & drink, live music and tour guides happy to show them around our beautiful resort.


Islandfest Weekend

Come join us for a taste of the Islands - the music, the food, the dance, the fun, the relaxation - we've got it all for you! We're getting you warmed up for Parrothead, which is only a week away! One thing you don't want to miss is the chance to win a tent for Parrothead right next to DJ Xavier's cabana. How do you win that? You enter the Lip Sync Battle Contest on Friday night. Winner gets the use of the air-conditioned tent for the duration of Parrothead, along with Dinner for Two at Cheeks! 


Parrothead Weekend

What's a Parrothead? Parrotheads love Jimmy Buffett music. Parrotheads love that laid back island culture ... and Parrotheads love to PARTY! It's our biggest party of the year! Are you READY?!?

  • Jul 6 - 8: Back to the 70's Weekend
  • Jul 13 - 15: Open House Weekend
  • Jul 20 - 22: Islandfest Weekend
  • Jul 26 - 29: Parrothead Weekend



Anything But Clothes Weekend

What would you wear if there were no such thing as fabric and clothes had never been invented? This is a fun weekend to see how creative people can be!


British Invasion Weekend

The Brits have brought us some great music! This weekend we enjoy some great music from the other side of the pond!


Professional Body Painting Weekend

A fun and exciting weekend to see what professional artists do when the human body is the canvas! 


Alphabet Party

We choose a letter of the alphabet - and you choose what to be, something that begins with that letter! It's fun seeing what people come up with! This year's letter is "A" - what will you be that begins with "A"?

Aug 31-
Sep 2

Labor Day & 5K Run Weekend

The last big party of the summer as we look to fall. We welcome back all of the runners and walkers who come to Cypress Cove to participate in the 5K event!

  • Aug 3 - 5: Anything But Clothes Weekend
  • Aug 10 -12: British Invasion Weekend
  • Aug 17 - 19: Professional Body Painting Weekend
  • Aug 24-26: Alphabet Weekend
  • Aug 31 - Sep 2: Labor Day & 5K Run Weekend