Rocking Around the Cove with the Ribbon Riders

23 August 2019

Cypress Cove is dedicating an ENTIRE weekend of festivities for breast cancer awareness, prevention, and current patient support. Participate in the Rocking Around the Cove with The Ribbon Riders Nude Bike Event where 100% of the proceeds benefit breast cancer patients directly. This event will be taking place from August 23 - 25.

Friday kicks off the weekend with Streak at Cheeks with DJ Xavier at 7 pm.  Do you own a motorcycle? The Bingo Run is taking place on Aug 24 and will include 3 stops beginning at 9 am. Cars are also welcome to participate in this Bingo Run*. Riders are $20 and passengers are $10 each. If you are interested in participating in the Bingo Run, please print and fill out this form. Join the Biker Beach Party happening at noon on Saturday with DJ Xavier. Don't miss the 1 pm Nude Biker Parade through the Cove followed by the Games of Rider Skill at 3 pm. You're sure to be hungry after all these events. Make reservations at Lakeside for the Biker Dance featuring The Stick Shifts at 6 pm. 

*To help ensure participant's safety, we ask that all cars trail behind the general motorcycle pack while traveling outside of Cypress Cove.