Back to the 80's Weekend, Jun 9-11

9 June 2017

Feather your hair and pull out your neon, because this weekend is Back to the 80's!

The weekend features the 80's Dance & Rubik's Cube Contest w/ DJ Xavier on Saturday night. Guests wear clothing and accessories representing all colors of a rubik's cube. Participants should wear something white, blue, green, red, organge, and yellow. They should wear only one item of each color (they can be paired items, like gloves, but they count as one item). Once the contest starts at 9 PM, all contestants have to run around and trade their colored items with other guests. The first to get all of one color wins. It should be a hoot!

Weekend Highlights:


  • 80's Karaoke Party w/ Mr. Breezz, Scuttlebutts, 7 PM


  • 80's Pool Party w/ DJ Xavier, West Pool, 12 PM
  • Rubik's Cube Dance w/ DJ Xavier, Lakeside Restaurant, 7 PM
  • Rubik's Cube Costume Contest, Lakeside Restaurant, 9 PM


  • Live Music by the Pool w/ Del, West Pool, 12 PM