Cypress Cove Tennis

Tennis has long been an important social, recreational and competitive activity at Cypress Cove Resort and Spa. Five courts are in use daily with both informal and organized play. Daily activities change with the season and resort population, Spring/Summer is slower than Fall/Winter.

New guests and residents are welcomed with open arms, and quickly assimilated into the tennis community.


All changes to the schedules listed below, will be posted at the bulletin board at Court 1.


Men's 3.5 and up play matches Tuesday thru Sunday at 11:30 AM. Show up at Court 1, if you wish to play and you will be spun into a match.

Every day at 1:00 PM there is “The Draw”. Players of all levels assemble at Court 1 and there is a spin-in method to match players.

The busy season is mid October to early May and is full of activity on the tennis courts.


The above mentioned Men's 3.5 and up play matches Tuesday thru Sunday at 11:30 AM, with additional play at 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. A simple spin determines match-ups. If you see a match in progress, with play styles and abilities matching yours, sit there until the set is complete and ask to join. The players will spin racquets to drop one player and let you in the game.

Every day at 1:00 PM “The Draw” takes place. Interested players meet at Court 1 and individually draw tiles assigning them to a foursome and court. Each group plays three sets, mixing the partners. This is a great way for newcomers to meet our tennis crowd.

Free instruction is offered to beginners during the Winter Season by a qualified instructor on Wednesday at 10:00 AM on Court 3. Regular attendees are asked to join the ball machine club, see Angey in the main office, and $25 buys you a lifetime privilege of using the ball machine. We also have a backboard on Court 6 for improving your tennis.


Three Fun tournaments are scheduled for during the winter months.  These are doubles matches, split into two even teams by draw, with a theme, such as Valentines Day or Red vs Blue team or something similar. These are generally filled to capacity on five courts in three different time periods. Often we follow these events with a social, including refreshments and a meal. A tennis committee organizes these events and looks for volunteers to run them. A nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of the balls and refreshments.

Local year round Cypress Cove residents Sue Barnard,, and Roe Ostheim,, will be happy with a day or two’s notice to set up matches for any new visitor to Cypress Cove. Simply email either of them with your approximate USTA rating and they will arrange competitive matches for you. In the period from October 1 - June 1, Dennis Bruckel,, is available for the same service.

Information on other Florida nudist tennis activities can be obtained from This will put you in touch with tennis activities at Cypress Cove Resort and Spa, Lake Como Resort and Paradise Lakes Resort.

We look forward to meeting you on the courts!


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